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Is there any plan to update to ScreenShot Captor ?

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 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: Thank you!

Hi Mouser,

nice to hear that you're looking for more feature ideas.

I remember some old ideas (but didn't find the original forum-topics):

* customizable toolbars, buttons for more (all) menu entries (my most commonly used functions are'nt available as toolbar buttons)
* bigger toolbar buttons
* customizable hotkeys for menu entries (functions)
-ralfs (September 10, 2019, 05:49 AM)
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You have the bigger toolbar buttons, so that's great :-).

I'm on board with allowing customization of the buttons - at least letting us add some of the great built-in effects to the toolbar (pixelate for me).

I use this nearly every day at work even though they provide SnagIt. Nothing beats the yellow highlight box you have without doing a lot of work. Time for another donation to help keep this worth it!

Thanks for the great software!


Hi mouser,
new beta out, but no function like proposed in this thread.
Do you still have extension of toolbar or hotkeys in mind?

Stay healthy  :up:

Of course, keep the suggestions and feature requests coming.. I've just spent several weeks on a major update to another of my apps (Clipboard Help+Spell) and that is just wrapping up.

Thank for your ongoing hard work!

I've just created some hotkeys for my favorite screenshotcaptor functions with autohotkey.
They are working well, but a solution for hotkeys and toolbar buttons inside screenshotcaptor are hopefully expected.

Stay healthy  :up:


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