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Tint is appearing over the whole window


Greetings.  Starting today (or a couple of days ago), a tint is covering the whole screen on any screen capture.
Windows did do an update.  I'm at windows 10.  Any idea on what causes this and how to fix it?
I've attached 2 images, one with the tint and an earlier one that does not have it.


It seems it's an issued related to Windows 10 itself (and maybe some graphics drivers), at least according to this article:

Thank you for the link.  The particular cumulative fix is not yet installed on this computer.  We will wait until tomorrow and see.
Screenshot is the only screen capture software that is affected by this on my machine.

Was just going to say that there's been some news about this on the web today saying exactly what Jill posted.. A very unusual thing created by a windows 10 update..

More articles:

Surely they'll have it fixed soon.

So it seems the problem is actually related to the Lenovo Vantage software, as someone mentioned in the first link that mouser gave.

Softpedia made a new article on that topic:


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