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Welcome to NANY 2020

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NANY is "New Apps for the New Year" -- an event we run on DonationCoder where we invite coders who hang out on the forum to release a new free program at the start of the new year -- or celebrate the new apps they've written in the last 12 months.

There are no winners or losers, everyone who participates gets a free mug commemorating the event.

You can find previous year's forums here:

Welcome to NANY 2020

Release a new app for the new year on Jan 1 and get a DC mug as your reward.
Here's the new alternate design from Hamradio.

Eek! This time of the year again.

Ahhh..How time files.
Didn't see it coming so soon. Got to start.



I have two more projects in my pipeline but I don't think that I'll get them done in 2019. :(

Yikes NANY 2020 is fast approaching.. I need to start working on something...


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