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Abbyy Finereader 15 OCR Software just released



ABBYY Finereader version 15 has just been released.

See enclosed pdf for ABBYY Finereader 14 and 15 feature comparison.

ABBYY Finereader version 15 has just been released.
-brahman (September 02, 2019, 04:47 PM)
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I tested the trial a bit. Produces quite quick and accurate OCR, is my first impression.

But: I can't find a mode that comes close to Acrobat's "Editable Text and Images" (older name was "ClearScan") where the image bitmap text characters are replaced by custom vector fonts that look like the original but smoother.

Finereader 15 has an option called PreciseScan that claims to do some smoothing but I didn't see much smoothing improvement compared to when that option is off. I only did a a few quick tests though.


Acrobat vectorized setting

Finereader 15 with setting PreciseScan

brahman, do you know the ins and outs of Finereader and if so can you tell me if I've missed some Finereader 15 setting to produce vectorized output similar to the Acrobat sample above? (I know I can have Finereader replace the bitmap text with OCRed text in a different Windows font of course, but that's not what I'm after here.)

Steven Avery:
And I believe the very inexpensive Screenshot Reader uses the same engine. 
So for much use Finereader (I do own a copy that I picked up on a special years back) might be overkill.

Thanks for the vector information on Adobe superiority.  I usually scan to text, but this is good to know.

Nod5 -
It may not be exactly what you were looking for, but I usually scan to pdf, and I keep the original page as a graphic layer, and the OCR as an invisible layer below the grapic.

Then I can highlight the original text, but when I copy (Ctrl-C) get the underlying OCRed text.

This workflow also cuts down on searching for OCR mistakes, since they become less important, since I ever usually need only a very small portion of the text of the whole document. It just makes the whole thing much quicker.


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