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IDEA: block mouse/audio on local network to targeted computers

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Remove the gateway setting in the network settings and only allow admin(s) to adjust the network settings. That will prevent internet access, while the LAN remains to work in a fashion. Meaning that if you know the IP numbers of the machines in the LAN you want to "talk" to, you can still access them normally. NetBios settings should take care of granting access to computers in the LAN by name, but as I don't know how you have set-up your network, that might not work. Can be problematic with shared printers, depending on how you have shared (a) printer(s) in your network. That is, if you do not run your own (properly configured) DNS server in your LAN. 

Is a pretty brutal solution, but you are sure no-one's attention is diverted to the internet. Maybe with finding ways around the block you just have put in front of your students. But that's another matter.

Hello again, an extreme tiny but working solution for windows systems is to do the following (no configuration on clients needed, thats why it's dummy proof ^_^)

visit NetCut, download and install it, after successful install you can simply cut off complete network traffic for http/https via your browser,
or limit bandwidth or a combination or or or.... give it a try.

Take care mate, if your students are allowed to install application they can do the same!


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