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Not working anymore in GTA-Game?

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Suddenly (25.08.2019 6:00 CET) ScreenshotCaptor doesn´t work anymore in GTA online. Seems to work perfectly with any other program. I´ve taken thousands of screenshots for almost two years. I´m dumbfounded.
Don´t worry. Problem has gone after a restart. I´m still curious.

Strange.  It would be interesting to know if a reboot solved it.  It's possible that an update of the graphics adapter driver has used some new higher speed mode that can't be captured.. Or it's possibly some anti-screenshot code was added to the software..
Any other thoughts by anyone?

Ah I see you posted a follow up that the problem was gone after a restart.. Strange!

Another observation that may be interesting: The game GTA which I play in fullscreen mode switches to window mode after grabbing a selected region or it (GTA) loses focus. That is I´m seeing the desktop. (As far as I remeber). A very minor nuisance, however. Just in case you´re  heading for perfection. Thank you so much for your attention. Mouser is great!

Yeah grabbing a selected region in SC, when not using "red box capture mode" actually takes a full screen screenshot, and then displays that on the screen for you to do a region select, so it makes sense that it would pop the current full screen game out of full screen mode.

To avoid that you could either just do a full screen capture, telling SC to stay minimized, OR try changing the options to RED BOX capture mode when capturing regions, which might avoid the game popping out of full screen mode (not sure).


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