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Screenshot Captor from Visual Basic?

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Is there a way to automate Screenshot Captor from visual basic?


In the Screenshot Captor help file you'll find a section on Commandline use and options.

But you might also check out the littler brother of Screenshot Captor called MiniCap, which is a smaller commandline tool designed to be invoked from other programs:

I'm sorry, but this does not seem to answer my question.

Visual Basic. My question is about triggering a screen capture from Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access supports Visual Basic.

Not sure how a command line option can help. I'm not trying to start SC in some unique mode. SC is already running and I would like to create a button in Access that executes Visual Basic command(s) to trigger a screen capture.

Invoking Screenshot Captor from the commandline will not create a new instance of Screenshot Captor -- it will instead direct the currently running copy to perform a capture.
So you can invoke it from Visual Basic by launching it with commandline options.

So try from visual basic executing something (with Shell command?) like

--- ---C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.exe -capture workspace


--- Code: Visual Basic ---Dim RetValRetVal = Shell("C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenshotCaptor\ScreenshotCaptor.exe -capture workspace", 1)


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