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Bug: desktop folder was found but is not writeable


I have been used SC for years, never get any errors. But today I get this(see pic) when I start my PC.

Actually I don't know whether this is a SC bug, because my desktop folder is read-only and I can't change it successfully(it restored to the read-only after I change it)
I also change the permission in the safe tab of properties dialog, also didn't work.
I even found I can't move files to the desktop folder or edit a ahk(but txt files is OK) file on desktop(other folder is OK)

I changed my desktop folder to E:\desktop and nothing wrong for years until today.

I'm using windows 10 1903 x64

Any suggestions? :huh: :huh:

Strange! It definitely seems like a more general problem if you are having trouble saving things to the desktop.

The easiest solution in Screenshot Captor is to change the screenshot directory to a directory you are allowed to save files (see the GoTo menu).

But it really seems like you need to figure out how to fix the core problem of not being able to save files to your E:\desktop folder.

OK, thx :)


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