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Firefox Quantum - I miss my old Speed Dial Add-ons


Ever since I upgrade to latest Firefox Quantum (FireFox 68.0.2), my favorite Speed Dial extension has become incompatible!

I really miss it!
1) It can open multiple pages with 1 click on an individual dial
2) I can set different background (wallpaper) on a per Dial Group basic

As at this writing, the few active and hot Speed Dial Add-ons are all downgrades and inefficient...  :down:
Have I missed an Firefox Speed Dial Add-ons that does the above?

I wrote an application launcher that can also open lists of URLs. All you have to do is add one URL per line in your list file, then make a desktop shortcut with the command line parameters to point to the location of the list file.

You can do this for as many lists as you want and place all the shortcuts in a folder, if you prefer not to have them on your desktop. Then you can just launch an entire list of pages in your default browser by clicking a shortcut. And you can set a custom icon for each of your shortcuts, just like you can for any other Windows shortcuts.

Since Lacuna Launcher is an external application that isn't tied to a specific browser (not a browser add-on) and just works with your default browser, no matter what that happens to be, it will continue to work, regardless of what the browser developers decide to do to their add-ons environment.

It is highly unlikely that any browser developer will ever remove the ability to open URLs from external applications and highly unlikely that Microsoft will ever remove the ability to open urls in the default browser from Windows. So, if this works well for you, you'll have a permanent solution, even if you switch browsers at some point in the future.


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