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Goodbye, Bitbucket!

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Ahh, Sourcehut. Why do I keep forgetting that?


I keep trying to learn how to use git because it seems like all service providers only support git and I want to take advantage of some of the cool features these services provide. But for one reason or another I get frustrated with git and give up and go back to mercurial.

And if I am going to convert all my repositories to git, then I might as well migrate everything over to GitHub. Bitbucket has no advantage over and is less supported than GitHub for git repositories.

Just looked at Sourcehut again. A lot of "this is beta" and "actually, this is run by one person" yet. I'll keep an eye on it this time!

RhodeCode looks like it might be nice for a self-hosted solution.

GitHub supports importing/converting mercurial (and other) repositories:

And here's a python based tool that will migrate Bitbucket issues to GitHub:


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