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Goodbye, Bitbucket!

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After years of making me sufficiently happy, my favorite project hosting platform declared yesterday that they'll phase out Mercurial support next year because "everyone uses Git. come to the dark side hurr durr".

I'll move all of my projects over to Darcshub (the smaller ones) and probably somewhere else (the larger ones) before the deadline. Expect surprising updates in some of my threads. Still, it's kind of a "self-fulfilling prophecy" in my opinion: Take away Mercurial support, spend all of your marketing money to promote Git - and then claim that nobody seems to use Mercurial anyway. Oh geez.


How about (haven't tried it, just sounds interesting just as Darcshub)

I had registered an account at the Pijul Nest when I first read about it, but I'll wait until the blinking "beta quality" text is removed ... ;)
Technically, it sounds like an adequate "modern Darcs".

For a second there, you had me worried. I thought they'd done something controversial  ;D :Thmbsup:

Well you could use mercurial locally and Pijul for the public, just to make it needlessly complex :)

Re mercurial, Sourcehut - not free but cheap - also bitbucket migration script :)


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