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SQL Advanced Manager 1

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Here's little about our program...

SQL Advanced Manager is a great solution for:
-professionals and amateurs who in any manner work with databases, especially MS ACCESS
-people who would like to learn SQL

It’s main purpose is to work with database via SQL queries. However, it also provides many other things such as fast accessing to all the tables in the database, and also to all the fields in those tables…
Some main features are:
-Quick access to all the data in any table with just one mouse click
-Many tools and wizards which simplify working with your database
-Syntax assistant is also integrated into the program, so the beginners would not have any problems while learning SQL, and the professionals, on the other side, would have a quick reminder on basic SQL syntax.
-Possibility of remembering 50 temporary queries for quick access to any query you found interesting
-Working with Images. You can easily insert picture into database, or view images inside database with integrated picture viewer.
-Easily save any successful “SELECT FROM…” query as a new table
-Bookmark as many databases on your HDD  as you want, and have a quick access to any bookmarked database
-Double monitoring of your work: you can easily access to all of your work in current work session via “history” and especially via “Console window”
-With “Quick database preview” tool you can easily and quickly  explore  MS ACCESS databases on your HDD. Find out fast which database on your HDD has tables and fields you are interested in…
- Define date format you wish to use while writing SQL queries and use it! This is totally independent from windows date format
-Easily add a table name or any field name in that, or any other table to query
-Easily add a date to query
-associate SQL AM1 with both *.sql and *.mdb. If you start database, SQL AM will automatically connect to it, and if it is *.sql or *.txt or something like SQL AM will prepare opened query for execution…
-Save all your work and actions…

Supported database is MS ACCESS, so there is no need for you to install any server or to go to internet in order to execute your queries.
Good thing is that you don’t even need to have MS ACCESS installed on your computer in order to work with MS ACCESS databases via  SQL Advanced Manager 1!!
You just need database file created in MS ACCESS (“*.mdb”)…

We will put download link as soon as we upload installation file on the internet...

Download link:

Great, added to entries page.  :up:

3  MINOR bugs are now fixed...

Use the same link to download this new installation file...

Nothing serious! when i sey minor bug, i really mean it!

It's something like: wrong text in Label or something like it,  or prevent showing Borland's (windows) default messages and warnings insted of our own...

We just want to make it *perfect* .....   ;-)

We left the same version mark (v1)
Version and release number will increase after this contest is over...

New, updated version od SQL Advanced Manager was released today (25.08.2006)

Create table wizard bugs are now fixed...

Version mark  remains 1 (it will start  increasing after the contest is over...)

Use the same link to download it...

Thanks to everyone who woted for us!!

We cannot believe we won it!

We would like to inform you that new, updated version of SQL Advanced Manager 1 (build 1) will be released in next 24 hours.

Again, thanks to everyone!

Mouser - GREAT WORK! ;-)


I will use this moment to say hello to ALL the guys at !!! Especially C++ forum.
I  heard about this contest there first!


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