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Standalone screenshot window

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i'm not sure if screenshot captor can do this,
i'd like to start with hiding all windows, then using shortcut to select a region then for that capture to pop up in the standalone screenshot window, with the window adjusting to the size of the image. then if i click outside it is hidden until the shortcut is selected again.

i can almost do it, but it doesn't hide after clicking away, or standalone screenshot window doesn't resize to fit capture.

i hope i've explained things properly. i hope someone can help, thanks!

Wouldn't it be much easier to use the hotkey for grabbing the active Window? Because that's what it sounds to me what you want to achieve... :huh:

thanks for replying. i don't think it's the active window i'm after, it's the 'toggle standalone screenshot window' but i can't find a shortcut for it, i need it to be 'on' by default, so it pops up automatically. and if it could auto resize to fit the image, that would be even better.

(what i'm trying to do is screengrab a chat box from  a game, then type the text into a translator so i can speak in other languages. i don't even need to save the images.)

This doesn't really answer your question directly, but what you could do is have SC stay minimized after a capture, and have it launch a 3rd party standalone tool after each screenshot, passing it the screenshot file name.
So that standalone could do what you want, and you might find an image viewer that behaves as you want.
In fact a while ago someone made one for dc folks that was all about showing an image in an overlay (semi-transparent?) fashion..

hi, thanks for the reply,
oh, ok maybe, i'll have a look. i tried windows picture viewer but it seems too slow, and missed my 'chat box's'
is there a reason why the capture window can't 'pop up' by default?


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