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I had a UPS when I was contracting- bought a top of the line one.  But it gave out after I left the consulting gig, and I never bothered to replace it. 

I just paid for that decision, as a drive crashed in my NAS because of a power failure.  It was a decently old drive, so I don't know if that contributed to the failure, but it gave no indications of failure before it happened.  Thankfully, everything on there was either (a) elsewhere or (b) relatively expendable.

Now, I'm looking at getting a new UPS, and not really sure about the most reliable source these days.  Does anyone run a UPS and/or have any suggestions?

I bought this one a year ago with the idea of using it to keep my modem/router and a Raspberry Pi powered and online in case of a power outage.

AmazonBasics Standby UPS 800VA 450W Surge Protector Battery Backup


I can't tell you for sure how well it works because I haven't experienced a power outage since I bought it. :D

I was actually looking at that one.  I had a High-End APC before, but I'd heard from someone that they've become unreliable.

I've bought two CyberPower 1500VAs.  They stand vertically and have a digital readout, and I've been pleased with them.  They are a bit pricy, though.  I use it on one of our subnet's fiber switch to keep the internet up - it will last a good 45 minutes.

I also use the smaller Cyberpower UPSs for workstations, but they are only good for 10 minutes or so.  You have to install the software that comes with them so you can disable the annoying PSU beeper when the power is lost for more than the battery can hold out.  These PSUs in myexperience will last a year, maybe two before you have to replace the battery.  But replacing the battery is about 60% of the cost of a new PSU.


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