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VideoProc/Digiarty of WinXDVD Fame - ST FREE 4K/HD Capture/Edit/Download/Convert

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Hahaha this is how great Donationcoder is! You get help from all sides!

@VideoProc Support

Why did you quote Deozaan's post without adding any comment?

Did something got lost?

@VideoProc Support

Why did you quote Deozaan's post without adding any comment?

Did something got lost?
-brahman (August 19, 2019, 08:44 PM)
--- End quote ---

It was posted in error and has been deleted.

VideoProc Support:
I have to say I'm disappointed in VideoProc. :(

I've tried using it to rip two different DVDs, selectively omitting a single chapter from each of them. One of them is The Triplets of Belleville (2003) which is a French animated title that is mostly kid-friendly other than a segment at the beginning with a topless dancer which has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. So I tried ripping the DVD without that scene and VideoProc fails in an absurd way. Basically the video freezes at the final frame at the end of the scene before the skipped scene, and stays frozen for the entire duration of the length of the skipped scene. Meanwhile, the audio skips perfectly right from the end of the scene before the skipped scene, and starts right up at the beginning of the scene after the skipped scene. Once the duration of the skipped scene has passed, the video starts that far into the scene after the skipped scene and you've missed vital parts of the movie.

I realize that I may not be explaining it very clearly, so let me write up an example to help simplify what I mean. Say I have three scenes, the middle of which I want to skip and not include in the recording.

Scene A is 2 minutes long.
Scene B is 4 minutes long. (This is the scene I want to remove.)
Scene C is 6 minutes long.

After VideoProc is finished doing its work, I start watching the video. Scene A plays perfectly. At the end of Scene A, I expect for the video and audio to immediately start playing Scene C. Instead what happens is that the video freezes on the final frame of Scene A and stays frozen for the entire duration of Scene B (4 minutes in this example). Meanwhile, the audio did as it should have done, and immediately started playing from the beginning of Scene C. Finally, after the duration of Scene B (4 minutes) has elapsed, the video starts playing again and we get to see the final 2 minutes of Scene C.

I get similar results with both DVDs I'm attempting to rip. Not only that, but I don't like that it doesn't support non-burned-in subtitles or chapter markers. Also, it tells me that my PC supports hardware (GPU) encoding but no matter what I do, it always just uses my CPU for encoding.
-Deozaan (August 18, 2019, 04:11 PM)
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Dear Deozaan,
Thanks for choosing our program.
Could you please contact our support team([email protected]) for tech support for the problems you have?
They will provide you specific solutions for any problem you have with our program.
By the way, VideoProc is able to support non-burned-in subtitles when convert to some video formats, such as MKV.
If you have any problem or question with our program, pleas feel free to contact our support team. One day reply is guaranteed.
Looking forward to your contacting.
Best Regards,

VideoProc Support:
If it works as a screen recorder, does it include keystrokes as well as mouse cursor?
-rjbull (August 16, 2019, 05:15 PM)
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When record, you can choose to show keystrokes as well as mouse cursor or not.


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