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Buying a 2TB SSD to replace my 2TB HDD

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You call that great explanation a rant?  :)

Thanks Shades, I actually learnt things  :up:

i will add this from a reddit thread i came across once.  This guy apparently has researched all this fairly thoroughly and this flowchart is his method of choosing SSD drives...

Hmmm..  Okay, now I'm actually considering upgrading to Win10.  I am also considering putting an M.2 NVME chip for the main disk.  I would put at least a 500GB chip because I like to install a lot of different software and hate trying to fanaggle programs into a partition other than C drive.

I've looked at that buying guide, but am totally bewildered.
What would y'all recommend for a 500GB or 1Tb M.2 NVME drive?

Now I'm thinking about getting two 1TB Samsung NVME drives - I can get them for about $150 each.  I would get a 2tb one, but the price goes up a LOT.

If you really want a 2TB drive for less money, then get this Samsung 970 EVO Plus model (The 970 EVO Plus is the successor of the 970 EVO)


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