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ThunderDrive 2 TB Cloud Storage for $59 Lifetime / $98 4 TB Lifetime Fee

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I wanted to introduce quite an interesting deal - with a few caveats:

ThunderDrive is a relatively new company in the Cloud Storage space and is trying to win a lot of customers.

They are having the following unlimited bandwidth (but of course limited storage of 2TB/4TB) deal:

2 TB storage space with unlimited bandwidth (here bandwidth is the combined amount of uploads and downloads to your cloud storage in a month) if bought directly from them with a one time lifetime (so NO yearly) fee.

The 4 TB plan comes up when you try to buy this package - then you will see a pop-up introducing an additional 2 TB for another $39, which makes it a grand total of $98.

You have 2 TB storage space with unlimited bandwidth for this price if you buy directly from them; their resellers who offer this same $59 package have a 2 TB/month bandwidth limitation.

The deal can be had here:

One should know that the service this young company offers, is still a little bit short on features.

Right now you can only upload through their web interface. No apps on any platforms yet.

The company plans to introduce apps for iOS and Android this quarter. In the final quarter there roadmaps states that they will start a desktop app, third party import and multi-user support. They also mentioning the introduction of a new pricing structure soon, which I take to mean a price increase, since I doubt that the current prices are sustainable and are probably serving as a capitalization boost to get the company going.

There roadmap is spelled out here:

Their website looks professional and has chat support. First a bot and then if the bot cannot answer you will be switched over to a human.

Oh before I forget: They DO have servers in North America AND in Europe. Your account will be placed on the European server, if you buy through, if you want to be placed on North American servers, buy through this website:

If anyone has used this service already, I would love to hear your experiences.

Bandwidth?  Or storage?

2 TB or 4 TB storage (depending on plan you chose - discussed in 1st post) and unlimited bandwidth, f.e. if you add to the drive 1.5 TB today, after 1 week you delete that 1.5 TB and add 1.5 TB again, and do the same a few days later, you would have used up 3 x 1.5TB = 4.5 TB bandwidth and that is permissible under the unlimited bandwidth policy if you buy directly from or and NOT from a reseller.

I bought through a reseller (sharewareonsale).

It took a long time to upload my files - but I got there!

The website is basic - but worked ok for me.

Just hope they are able to make a go of it.

Steven Avery:
PCloud has had similar offerings. 
Both are interesting.

One criticism is that if these companies sell too many lifetime subscriptions, that can lead to their short lifetime :).

However, the plus-side view it that these are meant more to generate buzz, and help get a critical mass of customers.


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