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Jay Is Games: A Great Source for Your Daily Dose of Flash Games


I link to games all the time here that i find on the JayIsGames website, so it's only fair to respond to Jay's call for help in spreading the word about his great site.

Our reputation for highlighting some of the best, innovative, and most unusual casual games available has reached far and wide. In fact, I believe our success in this area is one of the reasons for our growth tapering off. It may not come as a surprise to you, but this site is visited and watched by a great number of other sites that also feature games for you to play. Once we post something here it will often appear on many, many other sites simply because they saw it here and therefore know it must be good.

Unfortunately, that means any exclusivity we have for our hard work finding, testing, and reviewing these games is reduced to mere hours, and then the games are available all over. While this is great news for game developers and it pleases me a great deal to be helpful in getting the word out about their outstanding creative work, I feel that there are a great number of potential visitors that still don't know about us.

So, now you might be thinking, "How can I help?"

I'm glad you asked. =)

Tell your family and friends about our site.

--- End quote ---

Cheers, Mouser! =)

I appreciate your kind comments and support. I'm fortunate to have you and all the donation coders part of the Jayisgames community. I've got some great things planned for the site, new features, widgets and things that coders are likely to appreciate. Your feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

Never be shy to say hello when you stop by!




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