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Syncovery - OneDrive - Encryption

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since I think there are quite a bit of Syncovery users here, I thought I could ask you the following question:

Can I use Syncovery to synch my files to OneDrive without using the OneDrive folder on my machine in more or less real-time and with encryption on OneDrive?

So that any file I set Syncovery to sync will get uploaded to OD with encryption when I change the file on my PC?

Hope you can answer that.

Be well.

I'm not getting what you're asking.

You want to have items on your PC, and then use Syncovery to sync those items to your OneDrive folder to sync to the cloud?  i.e. if you have c:\users\username\documents and c:\users\username\onedrive, you want to sync the files in documents to an encrypted .sz file in OneDrive and have that sync to the cloud? 

If that use case is the one that you're thinking of, it should work.  It depends on if Syncovery releases the .sz file after copying (or you just close it after the job).

Almost correct...

I want Syncovery to synch and encrypt files DIRECTLY to the OD cloud without using the OneDrive folder, in fact I don't even want to install the OD desktop app, if that's possible.

One assumes you're using the Standard version of Syncovery since the Pro/Premium versions can access cloud services directly, (including OneDrive) ... then again, since the Standard version apparently doesn't have encryption (according to their Feature Matrix) ...

One has to wonder exactly which version you are using?

FWIW, just downloaded, installed, and created/ran a profile which synced to OneDrive - took all of 5 minutes.
Select Internet as the destination, select OneDrive from the drop-down selection, fill in the Account, continue with other settings.
When you first run the profile it will open your browser and you can log into Microsoft Live to authorise Syncovery access to OneDrive.

thanks for your replies.

My question was a pre-sales question. I do assume I would need the pro version to do what I want if Syncovery can do it.

So you are synching to OneDrive and it is encrypted and it is not a one time synch but can run in the background and automatically updates files added or changed to OneDrive?

If you could confirm that, that would be great.


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