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Minimal Website



I made a second contribution to the CBuilder contest using my first one.

"Minimal Website" is a program to make a complete websites from plain texts. The texts are translated to formatted HTML contents automatically which then are embedded in a common layout for the website. A navigation menu is generated automatically too. Colors, fonts etc. can be adjusted in corresponding dialogs. Special attention was put on search engine optimization.
As a special feature you can call your own HTML converters. That's where the the TextTransformer components are used.

You can see, how such a website looks like at:
There you also can download Minimal Website or download it directly from:

You simply can unpack the zip-file and run the /bin/mini_ws.exe. No changes are made on your system. I will make a smaller installation program soon.


Detlef Meyer-Eltz

Is the source code available?

There is used a commercial editor component and a commercial grid component in Minimal Website. Also the supporting code for the parsers generated with the TextTransformer program is commercial. However, just at the end of the week new free TextTransformer components will be released, by which these parser could be substituted.
I like to give you - or anybody else - all parts of the code, which are not bounded to commercial licenses. Please contact me at dme(at) and I will send it to you per e-mail.



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