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Were you actually able to buy at these deals or did it just show like that?

Which country are you connecting from?

It's like this, I'm from Spain. I paid the shown price, no tweaks. Around 35 euro.

I'm in the UK and have just paid the $10 discount version via my laptop, without trying to finagle the system.  That's partly because I've looked at it several times today on my Android tablet, and it never worked properly.  It might show the discount banner briefly, but then went to apparently full price.  The tablet has geolocation disabled, but the web site must know where I am because it shows the price in UKĀ£ as well as US$.  Odd.

Maybe Hamrick prefers Spain to Britain - flamerz got a good deal.

I dont use a VPN as such, but Opera has it:
when I select 'Europe', I get the same offer as Flamerz (~$40 for pro lifetime version) in spite of me already being in Europe (Germany). Have been buying music instead this evening, and see I already get an upgrade to same for $10 more i.e. $50, so considering whether to go for it now...

Just tried Belgium on my VPN and it shows it too!


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