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Disktrix UltimateDefrag v. 5


$30 or $18

They claim it's new:

* August 2010: UltimateDefrag Version 3 is here! As an owner of previous versions of UltimateDefrag, you are eligible for a reduced price upgrade of just $17.95, which is 40% off the regular price.
* June 2012: We´re pleased to announce UltimateDefrag Version 4. As a purchaser of a previous version, you´re entitled to a 40% discount off the normal price. You pay just $17.97 for an upgrade.
* May 2017: UltimateDefrag Version 5 is here. We are offering you the opportunity to upgrade at a 40% DISCOUNT off. YOU PAY ONLY $17.97 and you can install on 3 PCs when you  enter the coupon code: (x) when you order.-Disktrix UltimateDefrag
--- End quote ---

(x)= They have not told me not to tell the coupon code. It is: UD5UPG

Regarding Solid State Drives:

>>UltimateDefrag also works with SSD (Solid State Drives) however since SSD's do not suffer the same physical structure limitations that slow hard drives you will not see any performance benefits from the file placement routines. If you still want to defrag your SSDs then choose UltimateDefrag's consolidation method with no options but FragProtect for complete defrags that move minimal amounts of data. <<

I don't dare to trust this feature. SSD can easily be harmed by defragging! But the article went on:

>>At the end of the day for those who fear that their SSD will wear out due to too much file writing, UltimateDefrag will move minimal amounts of data when you select FragProtect and also built in inplace defragging will also only move fragments that it needs to to make your files contiguous.<<

Announcing UltimateDefrag 6

Announcing UltimateDefrag 6

A brand new version, more powerful than ever, for hard drive performance faster than ever, so you can continue to experience a PC where everything just happens faster!
UltimateDefrag is now also a fully featured NTFS file compression tool.

Of course you can use UltimateDefrag from within Windows; Just right-click on a folder within Windows Explorer itself.

Just installed some new software? Go into its folder and enter the command UltimateDefrag *.*\ and in a few moments your new program will be defragmented and ready to run with better performance right from the word go. Many PC users have no idea that installing new software installs it with many, sometimes tens of thousands, of fragments.

Another easy way to Defragment Files In A Folder:
Just go to Command Prompt, Navigate to a folder/directory, Enter the command UltimateDefrag *.* and every file in the folder/directory will be defragmented.-disktrix
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Disktrix UltimateDefrag  v. 5

Midnight Rambler:
Columns with cliches like, "At the end of the day" aren't credible.

Columns with cliches like, "At the end of the day" aren't credible.-Midnight Rambler (June 20, 2019, 09:08 AM)
--- End quote ---

I think such mistakes are forgivable, when you remember it's a one man company. (



Dear Curt,

UltimateDefrag V6 is here and since you own a previous version, you are entitled to upgrade at a 40% discount and you pay just $17.97.

Again, UltimateDefrag V6 is normally $29.95 and with your 40% discount you pay just $17.97.

To get your 40% upgrade discount for Version 6, please follow these instructions:

1. Go to and login to your account. It is essential you login since the coupon is specifically reserved for your account.

2. Select PURCHASE... (and more)-DiskTrix
--- End quote ---


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