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XYplorer File Manager

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I think I'm soon going to take the plunge and invest in an real explorer replacement -- don't know which one yet. But XYplorer's features AND license are attractive.

I was looking at my notes where it's written that last time I tried XYplorer (6 months ago) I had problems with vertical and horizontal scrolling (touch pad). Anybody had problems of that order with it?

Hey Armando,

I use it (and Directory Opus) on a laptop with a touchpad and I have not had ANY problems of that nature.

Hope this helps and good luck with it,

I have used XYplorer on my laptop, using the onboard touchpad without any problems.

Perhaps the developer should create a poll (if he hasn't already) as to how many people want the dual pane feature. :-\

Lack of it is what's keeping me away from an otherwise good file manager.

Perhaps since he is the developer and doesnt like dual pane file managers, he'll just go on developing the worlds best single pane tabbed file manager


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