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XYplorer File Manager

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Just any FYI for anyone who may be considering XYPlorer but have not yet purchased:  Don is planning to change the licensing after September 2007 such that a license with lifetime upgrades will cost more than it does today; there will also be a non-upgradeable license option at lower cost.  This (way long) forum thread has details:

I'm not sure if the future pricing is finally decided yet, but if you want a lifetime of upgrades on XY you may want to get the purchase in this month:

Thank you for the tip  :up:

I just bought XYplorer and I'm absolutely happy with it.

I think you really can't make much wrong to buy a lifetime license for such a great price (no more update costs every two or three years and I can install it on more than one computer).

I also have licenses for Directory Opus and Speed Commander and I really like these applications and always prefered the dual-pane approach. But as I had to learn by giving XYplorer a try the multi-tabbed interface is far more than a simple substitute. In correspondence with the catalog feature it's really fantastic.

XYplorer doesn't have all the features of DO or SC but most of them I only use once or twice a year. For everyday file management it has all I need, is very simple and intuitive.

Don seems to be a very enthusiastic dev and releases a new version almost every day  :-*

So, thank you again, without this board I would have missed this excellent product  :Thmbsup:

Don seems to be a very enthusiastic dev and releases a new version almost every day  :-*
-ad-min (September 09, 2007, 03:06 PM)
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Indeed - and those new versions nearly alway have enhancements, not just bug fixes.  He's a madman in cranking out updates (and discussing what enhancements should be made on the forums).

The latest BETA of XYplorer brings a major new feature to your homes and vacation sites: User-Defined Commands! Happy are those with a license! ;)

Look here:

XY Explorer might just be the king of the hill if Donald would not be too proud (because somebody else invented it ??) to implement a dual pane mode. I cannot imagine working without the great overview over files one gets with dual panes - despite all the other enticing developments seen with XY explorer.


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