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XYplorer File Manager

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Yes, without its ugly UI I had never dug for better file managers.  :P-Tuxman (January 04, 2010, 04:22 PM)
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Total Commander is only as ugly as the amount of effort you put into customizing it. It's quite ugly after being first installed, but if you spend a little time you'll have something that looks quite nice & can do things no other file manager can.

Total Commander is like foobar2000: You can spend hours customizing it, still it looks like something ugly that has been customized.

We'll have to start a thread for pretty pics of file managers lol
I know when Superboyac got into Dopus he got it to look like TC.
It probably depends a lot on your theme - TC is very functional looking & looks fine out of the box if you have a nice Classic theme (I think).
Nothing looks good with the default XP theme (hah!)
I cant imagine what default TC would look like with Aero, culture shock I think.

Sortof getting back on topic, XY looks good out of the box - again very functional but not as clunky as TC

Yeah, sorry for starting the OT'ing...  :-[ I'll post when I've got something to say about XYPlorer...

One of the things that attracts me to a program is whether it is under active development. Xyplorer definately is! The betas (available for registered users) come out more than once a week. whenever the developer thinks of a new idea of adjustment.


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