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Non automated time trackers

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I was using a TreePad for this type of documenting what I was doing daily at a retail shop. Was to remember who came in and what times. What we discussed and when items were shipped.

This is something I wish I knew about when I was working that job. This would have been the best solution for me then.

At least I now know about it and can have a possible use for it later as a nurse.

So my idea for the moment is to combine Anuran with a set of stored text items in Clipboard Help And Spell, moved into a group to keep them together. Not entirely what I'd envisaged but I think it will do the job. Thanks for the directional shove!

Been using Anuran successfully for this for a while, now: I have a CHS popup menu defined with several cookie-cutter text items that I use for uncomplicated stuff, but I've noticed a couple of things. I've lost the Anuvu filter box and I can't work out where it went or how to get it back... and when the "save note" options are set to save on Enter, you get the Enter as well as the save, so if you also use the "show previous entry" option the previous entry grows by a newline every time. But that's a minor gripe. :)


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