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Eudora, Hermes and Pandora - also compared to TheBat! and other email clients

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Honestly, I have no idea.  ;D
I guess it works via filter actions, as many things do...

the bat is going ribbon??!!  ugh.  pretty unnecessary.  it better be very customizable.

Alt-L....yea...i totally gave up on microed many years ago.  i just cant see a single practical advantage to microed.  i just use the plain windows option.  i just want it to wrap with the window size automatically.  i dont want to force it to wrap after XX characters.  just wrap with the window LIKE EVERY OTHER WINDOWS PROGRAM. 

I'm surprised there are not more email clients out there. 

How many do you need?

According to screenshots and reports, The Bat! version 9 (currently at 9.0.0.x) is very slow, but the ribbons can be disabled everywhere but in the Compose windows.

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Yup, still happy about changing the client.

the ribbon literally adds nothing.  and i bet they still won't change or fix anything with microed or the editor (you know, the part of an email program you spend the most time in).  lol at two lines of text  below the icons in the editor, holy cow.  all that space for what?  buttons nobody uses more than once a year?

and why would they put in a ribbon now?  its been like 10 years since the ribbon controversy started.  why go back to it now?  we are waaaay past it and we were glad the bat didnt do it then, why now?  i still believe ritlabs, when they do their updates, they do literally the bare minimum.  not that its bad...i like the program and it works well.  but they will not fix any major bugs or make any major improvements.  if you look at their last 10 years of version history, its all stuff nobody even cares about.  and i bet, they just fix a couple of easy things here and there.  now they are going to make it seem like they are doing a big improvement with the ribbon, but again, its minor.  they are going to put a ribbon, and everything else will remain as is.  so great, you put a ribbon.  thats like, so easy.  it would take a developer like a week to do that?  anyway... i'm pretty hard on them arent i?  sorry.


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