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Eudora, Hermes and Pandora - also compared to TheBat! and other email clients

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According to screenshots and reports, The Bat! version 9 (currently at 9.0.0.x) is very slow, but the ribbons can be disabled everywhere but in the Compose windows.

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Yup, still happy about changing the client.
-Tuxman (October 21, 2019, 08:49 PM)
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thanks for the link.  im not changing anytime soon lol.  i really dont want to change.  :(

After 10+ years of living in darkness, a light appeared during my searchings...

This FIX is a jewel!
I thought my email provider did something screwy on their side and they even admitted that they updated their mail server ssl structure the day my Eudora started refusing SSL connections.
They provided zero help on how to solve the problem, but did offer to sell me their email packages, starting at $5 per mailbox per month... having about 100, this made me angry.
So for some years since, I cursed them constantly, got banned from their community support pages for bashing their phone reps technical ignorance and profit driven support model.. I worked there for 7 years.
They made billions before going into their new age, with the owner selling out to hedge fund investors, then it took a large crap on its users.

I am running Win 10 x64
Eudora v7.1.0.9, in paid mode
before replacing the 4 files, I first ran the latest MS VCredist for both 32 and 64 bit.

After starting Eudora and setting checking use ssl if available, I got a popup with a certificate, choose accept it, and now it works perfectly.

This place is getting a bit of my money for this!!

also, I am not sure why, probably a 64bit thing, but my mailboxes are all stored in another directory and not the same one as the 32 bit installation would put them...
C:\Users\----USER NAME----\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\Eudora

If anyone has a fix for this please let US ALL know how to..
Eudora checks for updates on its own, and goes to JUMP.EUDORA.COM  which is now owned and controlled by a 3rd party who may be doing something with your data...
How do you shut this off, if you can at all ?

If you know how to get access to the modem/router device your ISP provided, it is an option to block access (in its firewall) to the domain:

After you configured the firewall, whenever the Eudora client makes a request to that domain, it will get no response. A different device, other than your computer, is now blocking access and there won't be a way for Eudora to manipulate anything to get connected, disregarding any firewall rules you might have setup in the Windows firewall and/or (personalized) HOST file on your computer.

It might be a good idea to also find out the IP address behind the domain name you wish to block and add that IP address also to the block list on the firewall of your modem/router. That will shut traffic up.

However, if you don't know how to access or configure your modem/router, you can also configure the Windows firewall on your computer to block access to both the domain name and IP address. This will shut traffic up too.

But as stated before, it is a lot harder for any piece of software to circumvent any configured limitation, when that limitation is configured on a device that is not the computer the software currently runs on.

And if you really feel like spending time to acquire some knowledge regarding Windows networking, run your own DNS server and block traffic to that domain that way. When done correctly, that certainly shuts up traffic. There are many, freely available DNS servers for Windows. I know and have used the free one from Technitium, which is very easy to run and configure. But look around for other, maybe better/easier DNS servers if you desire to go the DNS route.

Every once in a while, I think that I should think of a Eudora replacement. I have tried several of those mentioned here. I still keep using Eudora. It's not that I don't like text editor keeps evolving, and I keep up with that.

So I stumbled across this. I really appreciate the 4 files. Already made the change. Looking forward to seeing the impact, and will follow the notes, too.

One thing I have a plugin for is UTC-8, which is used increasingly. I tried to leave a note on the Hermes site, but only contributors can comment, and I didn't see a way do that. Not sure if they are still in business.


I just followed the step-by-step instructions posted by Steven Avery in August, and they worked perfectly!

More detail: I use Eudora 7 through a connection to AT&T U-Verse. AT&T occasionally changes their security settings, and I'm used to having problems every few years, and I've always been able to figure it out. But they made some kind of change a couple of months ago, and I hadn't been able to retrieve my AT&T email since then. AT&T's own discussion groups are having so many technical issues that they're pretty much worthless. I had given up hope until I stumbled across this group, and Steven's note solved my problem completely. So THANK YOU!!


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