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Eudora, Hermes and Pandora - also compared to TheBat! and other email clients

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Steven Avery:
The Hermes people spent a lot of energy on the mission-critical elements, especially the encryption and certificate issues, since that could make and break Eudora.

Virtual mailboxes, the best added feature there imho, would be wonderful, and they give a sketch of what they would like to do, but timing is simply unknown.

With Pandora you have, I believe, one developer, and he knows the code inside out. I still have to look at the virtuals.

I, personally, find virtual mailboxes highly distracting now that I know what they do.  ;D

Steven Avery:
Maybe we have a different idea about what is a virtual mailbox?

It is like a saved search, updated as new mail comes in, or is moved.

Where do you see it on Pandora?


Right-click the root folder (usually named "Mail"), press and hold Shift, click "New...", leave Shift.
(A lot of things are - undocumented - reachable by pressing Shift at the right moment.)

Steven Avery:

Now, how do you tell mail that it should be in that virtual box.

In TheBat! you can define what is in the box by a right-click, nothing like that here.
I looked around a bit in Searches (TheBat! lets you morph a search into a new virtual mailbox) ..
And I looked around in filters.

Any help appreciated! 


Setting up filters seems to be quirky, although theoretically Pandora can import the Eudora filters.

Looking for how to execute manual filters on highlighted mail (a good feature of Eudora).

And I do not see how you can prescribe various actions, in order, once you have the criteria.


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