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Synchronization software with tree view, moved files detection and size ignore

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Yeah it's weird. But this is what happens to each and every Office file that you upload to SharePoint, unfortunately. Its size increases. And then you're out of luck with almost every sync software.

So, does the date stay the same?
I'm pretty sure Syncovery will compare by date and ignore size.  Or maybe even ignore both (can't check ATM, I'm on my phone).

I have also tried Syncovery [...] the user interface is unfortunately off-putting, and many features of FreeFileSync are missing.
--- End quote ---
Yes, It can be overwhelming with all the options. What features are missing?

Yes, I have used Syncovery myself for years, but I am now totally spoiled by the awesome user interface and speed of FreeFileSync. For example, the extremely easy ways to show or hide categories in the preview or to open selected files or to view them in Explorer.

In comparison, Syncovery's user interface is just dreadful. The sync preview has no colors, scrolling is totally jerky, and it shows me thousands of folders where nothing has changed, so that I can't possibly see the ten files that actually have changed.

I believe that Beyond Compare will allow you to ignore file size when comparing and synchronizing folders. It's not striclty speaking a synchronization program, although I use it for that purpose more often than Syncovery because it gives me better feedback for what I might want to look at before I proceed. It does not watch folder for moved files though.


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