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Introducing SkyIDE - a free integrated development environment written in BCB 6

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>> Do You plan to add something similar to ClassExplorer ?

Believe me I tried a few times. [...]
-alexk (September 13, 2006, 05:56 AM)
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Yes it should be a very difficult feature to implement, some time ago I started thinking to implement it but never tried, during the research for tools that helps doing so I found ANTLR (
a parser builder, and the source code of GCC, but probabily trying to implement a parser is overkill for this feature ...

>> Do You plan to add functionality similar to 'Understand for C++' ?

I don't think I've heard of this before, can you please clarify?

-alexk (September 13, 2006, 05:56 AM)
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it's a tool to better understand programs.
It parses a project and put all classes, macros, files, functions etc.. etc...
in a DB so a user can reach them with a click or as their developers say

ANSI C, C++ and K&R C reverse engineering, code navigation, and metrics tool.

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The link is

However SkyIDE is really a good entry and such features can be added in a future ...


It is an extremely difficult feature and then when you create an object

MyClass myVar = new MyClass();

you need to be able to list the class members of that class! BUT if I succeed with the class explorer, this second feature might be easier to implement because I would already know the class members of all the classes (they'll be listed in the tree view) so it will only be a matter of detecting the word on the left of myVar and see if it is present in the tree view class explorer and if it is, you just need to show a drop down box and list all the members of the tree node in the class explorer. That would be extremely easy to do.


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