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Good Multi-account (GMAIL included) email notifier

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I have used, since the start of this thread, and lived by

Worth the small price of a license! Very responsive author as well (12.95 currently)!
-Josh (January 12, 2015, 10:22 PM)
--- End quote ---

thanks Josh :up:
ah, I see that's the Gmail Notifier Pro mentioned above

Steven Avery:
Pop Peeper is working superbly.

Right now I have about five Gmail accounts hooked up, including one from Gsuite (private domain, biz). Today's mail is on top, and I can work with an individual account, or all the accounts combined, nicely color-coded. 

Are any of the others good in that way?

Two specialty things for GSuite are
1: Kiwi extension have to check what it actually does, I keep a tab in Windows that is only for that GSuite biz account.
2: Google - Drive File Stream maps the Google Drive to a Windows letter like G:

Steven Avery:
The one lack on Pop Peeper is a real search function. 
I just added my thoughts about it here on this thread.

Is there a way to Search emails with a keyword?

ADDED: Version 5 is being worked on!


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