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the power of Linkman

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linkman!  i remember right here on dc transitioning from powermarks to linkman.  yes linkman is a godsend to those like me who were obsessed with powermarks.  so linkman is still chugging along?  seems like it was last updated in 2017...still...not bad, looks like it is working and the developer is still active.

Once I suggested that they might have an archive feature, where your pages could be kept on your disk, for those that vanish or become 404s.-Steven Avery (July 20, 2019, 07:23 AM)
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You might try Local Website Archive (LWA, free and payware versions) by Aignesberger Software, author of the more famous WebSite-Watcher.  If you need to keep exact copies of web pages offline, it's the best I've seen.  Usually I only need redacted fragments, which I keep in notekeeping-program-of-the-week, but for perfect copies, this is the thing to have.

Given that Aignesberger Software make these two excellent web-oriented programs already, it's a pity they haven't offered an alternative to Linkman, LinkStash, etc.


-rjbull (July 26, 2019, 03:51 PM)
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Very true  ;D

My links are all over the place, have Netscape, Opera bookmarks as html files going back 15 years plus. For a while I had all of them imported into LinkCollector (now defunct, was at


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