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IDEA: Alarm Clock which plays music files

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My idea: A simple GUI or CLI alarm clock, which plays either .mp3 or .wav files for the alarm.  The user would have to supply the music file.  Its use would be to wake someone up to the music of their choice, after a night's worth of "restful" sleep.  Naturally, this would require leaving their bedside computer on all night, or sleeping in front of their computer.

Features would need to include a snooze button (either a button in a GUI, or a specific key such as the spacebar in a CLI version), and the alarm clock program must play the music file repeatedly until either the snooze button is hit (9 minutes would rock for a snooze time), or until the program is terminated.

The ability to use it on any version of Windows would definitely be a plus, for fairly wide-spread compatibility and use.  Not everyone uses XP these days...

I almost forgot - the ability to specify the time at which the alarm goes off would also be needed.  :)  None of this preset "it's gonna go off at 3:30am every morning" funny stuff.

To whomever may desire to tackle this one - Feel free to add to this, or choose which specific music file format will be used in the end product.  Above, I've listed my bare requirements.  Anything above and beyond is solely at the option of the coder.

Additional, completely optional ideas would be:

A playlist of music files, instead of just playing one specified music file.

Adjustable snooze times.

The ability to change the color of the alarm clock display.  The coder picks the available colors.

Multiple alarms for couples in bed - one alarm music file (or playlist) signalling for one person to get up, and another alarm, with a different music file (or playlist) signalling for their better/worse half to get up at a later point in time.

maybe you wanna give this a try...

Citrus Alarm Clock

That looks good!

And most media players can repeat the playing of a file, so it would fill that requirement too.  :)

If you use winamp the NonStep skin will give you what you want.

The search tool at sucks big time though. The skin is called "NonStep", but when I search for "nonstep", the do not find any results. Can you say "how lame is that"? Or, they let you sort the list of skins by [o]Publish Date [o]# of Downloads [o]Author Name [o]Rating[/list] but not Name of Skin!  >:( :down: :mad:

Anyway, back in the days of yore when I still used Windows and Winamp, NonStep was the only skin I liked. I never saw much of it because I set it to "auto-hide" so it would stay out of my way.

If you don't use winamp, however, then it will be completely pointless ;)

I thought the skins were visual. I didn't know they added any new functionality to Winamp.


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