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IDEA: Alarm Clock which plays music files

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but not Name of Skin!  >:( :down: :mad:-housetier (August 15, 2006, 06:20 AM)
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that's strange, i can search by a skin's name at just fine..
IDEA: Alarm Clock which plays music files

anyway, i prefer using my mobile phone's alarm... ;)

can you sort by name too?

can you sort by name too?-housetier (August 15, 2006, 09:45 PM)
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ok, point taken... :up:

Sheesh, I wish I could have found this program a long time ago!

Thanks to all - this critter does the job!  Scratch this off the request list!

Don't scratch it off yet.  You might also try Quintessential Music Player,
which has a kick - *** timer feature which allows the music to fade up OR DOWN and allows multiple alarms on almost any schedule.
Another toy in this category is Talking Alarm Clock
which uses a microsoft agent character and has no trouble waking your computer from sleep mode in order to wake you.
My personal favorite in this category is Aquariussoft alarm clock
which has a wealth of features and has been rock solid for at least the several years I have been using it.
Hope this helps. :)


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