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FlashCard Pro


FlashCard Pro
FlashCard Pro is a tool to help you study.

Works great for high school and college students. I used it for my Spanish class last semester!


Download (includes 6 free flash card sets)

Carol Haynes:
Looks interesting but links on the website documentation look incorrecly formed - consequently none of the graphics show, eg. the main graphic on the page with your URL is linked to:

but %5C equates to \ whereas it should be /

The webpages work fine in Internet Explorer but not in Firefox - not sure why.

By the way, why not add a download link on the Welcome page?

Here is the page rendered in Firefox:

--- End quote ---

Yeah thanks for the help,
it is only a firefox problem..
I contacted the programmer of HTML Helpmatic pro and told him how to fix it
in the mean time, i am going to use regex buddy to regex replace all the files



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