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Cody's story


Ok, here it is...  The Cody Story...   Read the story and then continue it with your own ideas and twists. Can use user names, or past forum topics to make it more exciting. Lets say, maybe let it run for a month and see where it leads Cody. Have fun!!!!

IN THE BEGINNING...There was a little white egg laying in the grass underneath a big Oak tree. It must have fallen from its nest. It lay there unprotected and cold. After a few weeks, a man named Mouser passed by and found this little egg. "Oh my!", he explaimed as he picked up the egg. "What are you doing on the ground all by yourself?". Mouser looked up in the tree to see if he could see the next where the egg had fallen, but could not. He decided he better take it home.
           He gently picked up the egg and took it home and placed it in a little basket next to his computer where he could keept it warm and also keep an eye on it, in hopes that one day it would hatch. He was curious to see what type of bird would be inside. Then, one sunny afternoon, as Mouser was working on, the little egg began to make scratching noises. Mouser was so happy he told everyone on the irc channel what was happening. He was VERY excited. 
The little bird scratched and pecked for quite some time, then at last ...Mouser saw a little orange foot come out of the egg...then...

<what happens next> :P

...and then a little beak popped out. To Mouser's delight, there stood a little white bird!
The bird looked up at mouser and...

pulled out an empty bag from underneath his wing.
The bag had a big dollar sign on it.

And suddenly a lot of small gnomes, wearing DonationCoder support hats, dug themselves out of the very earth before mouser's unbelieving eyes, and chipped in lumps of gold and diamonds into cody's empty bag.

This was how the initial money for the domain & server was gathered.


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