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Pale Moon as my browser due to the wonderful extensions

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Steven Avery:
Linkman - just get the right .xpi (different .xpi for Chrome, Firefox Quantum, etc)
Download it and pick it up from the file search in extensions.

OneTab (also available on Chrome, Firefox Quantum etc)


The KEY Reasons, especially 1-2

Tab Mix Plus
Roomy Bookmarks

(you can add some here - especially ones that do not have comparable functionality in the modern Chrome-Quantum worlds)


Using Legacy Collector it takes five minutes to have these installed:

I know this is a bit of a rehash.

And I still have reasons to use modern Chrome (e.g. Gmail utilities) and Firefox and others, but I think for now Pale Moon is the #1 for general browsing.

Waterfox might be just as good, just checked seems fine.
Cyberfox also loads those extensions.
No reason to work with Firefox 56 or 52.

Your thoughts!

PaleMoon (ZDNet) has admitted that their download servers have been spreading malware in older versions of their browser.

Steven Avery:
Thanks.  I am only using latest versions.
Quite a blunder on the PaleMoon people (remember, even CCleaner had a problem, with a current version.)

Semi-tech discussion about WebExtension and URL

Basiliks Browser Drops Webextension Support

Basilisk would be the 4th alternative, but it is very little different than PaleMoon

I added uBlock Origen to these browsers from the LegacyCollector
Also Tab Flick.

Still mainly using Pale Moon, but struggling:

tabmixplus & Session Manager extensions work -- these two have always been the most important add-ons to me, cant understand why decent versions not implemented for most (all?) other browsers.

Paypal wasnt working for a good while (may be now -- see next though); LastPass in PaleMoon wont work with Microsoft Authenticator on Android -- even though it used work happily with same on Windows phone (this does work okay in Firefox).

Steven, I'm so glad you mentioned Lazarus. I have used and loved that extension for years. It has saved me innumerable times when problems arose and I lost what I was typing on the web. I can't imagine being without it. Of course, that means I'm not using Firefox, but I bailed out several years ago and moved to Pale Moon, which I've been using happily since then. I'm also using Linkman. As far as I know, it hasn't been upgraded in quite a while, but that's fine with me. I love it just as it is. 


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