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IDEA: play random wav from a folder at random times

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Hello again Jim!

Two points as I implement improvements:

1.  Would you like to have the ability to define/select a different directory from the app? Perhaps adding multiple directories containing sound files?

As there's a settings file now, it's possible to add & save multiple sound sources.

2. Regarding active time:

3) I'm a teacher and I use my laptop in class. During class, I need to have the program silenced, but during office hours, I want to keep it running.-jimduggan (October 04, 2019, 03:14 PM)
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This can be done automatically via scheduled active hours.

I guess you would prefer to have a schedule form in addition to the manual mute option?

Please do provide feedback to make the best program for you :up:


Hello Vic!

Thank you kindly for your message!

1) Choosing sounds directory: I don't think I would personally need this feature, but perhaps someone else who comes to use the app might find it beneficial.

2) Setting scheduled active hours: I think this would be a really excellent feature! In fact, I had though about this exact feature before, but felt shy to mention it, since I felt it might increase the scope of the application too much. But since you bring it up, then YES! I think this would be really nice to add!

Thank you so much Vic! I appreciate it so much. I hope some other users find this app useful too. In fact when I was researching if an app like this existed a few months ago, I saw a question on Stackoverflow (I think) where someone was asking how to achieve the exact same thing. So I know that there will be other users out there that could benefit from it.

Preferably in a .ini file in the same directory (so that the app is kept portable)
-jimduggan (October 04, 2019, 03:14 PM)
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Okay, after trying some ini libraries (such as Enichan/Ini) It's back to simple dotnet-native XML.

Should be rather easy to read & edit too.

Apart from this, the program reflects your petitions to the letter.

Expect it in the next few days, as I'm resuming October's releases

Version 0.3.2 is out!

* ‚Äč Release + download: Random Sounds App v0.3.2
Please check & provide feedback on the implemented features :Thmbsup:


Hello Vic.

Thank you so much for releasing this latest version!

I tested it and found that:

1) The new mute option works well
2) The new minimise to systray button works well
3) The new settings xml file works, and is easy to understand

I also found that this bug:

There seems to be a bug introduced in this latest version. I have it set to play a sound every 5 minutes. Every 5 minutes, it sometimes plays a sound for only one second, then cuts that off, and starts another sound instead. It doesn't happen every single time, but it happens quite often. The previous version didn't have this problem as far as I could tell.
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is still happening.


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