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Kodak AIO Printer


I have spent hours trying to track down how to get the software installed on a Windows 10 machine. Anyone here have any luck in doing so?

WIN10 installs something so that I can read the card that's installed and print but I can't install the AIO software driver so that I can access the scanner from the computer.

If the AIO device follows the standards, Windows should be able to communicate with the scanner part of the printer through WIA (Windows Image Acquisition). I use always the Irfanview application to detect the scanner section from our (HP AIO) device. It pops up, I select it and then use the (Batch) scanning functionality from Irfanview to make the scans.

Till now that worked well enough for the (very) occasional use I have regarding scanning. Your mileage may...nay will vary. Especially if you need special features that are built-into the scanner section of your device. 

Older printer?
I've had success with Vuescan software using a scanner which had no Windows 7 driver. Does cost.


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