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Fingerprint sensor under screen: does it work well?



I like the idea of the whole mobile phone screen to be a fingerprint sensor.

However, I read somewhere that you need to click on specific area of the screen and you need to wait for a percentage to go to 100% before you lift your finger.

Is that the case for every such phone?

I want it to work really fast.


A tiny bit of googling brought me these links:


Whole screen can not act as a finger print scanner, still now. A defined area, normally below, is used as finger print scanner. Since there is no visible mark on the screen, it takes time to scan the finger print successfully.

The back panel finger print scanner works faster, comparatively.



A physical fingerprint scanner at the moment is still better. I have the oneplus 6t, which has a fingerprint scanner under the screen. It's just a small spot at the bottom center of the screen. You almost can't tell that it isn't a physical scanner, because it is pretty fast. I also have the note 8, and the physical scanner on it is just slightly faster.


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