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LBC Screencast Videos Aren't Working

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@rjbull - I hadn't considered BrowserTraySwitch. I'll look at it again but I'm not sure I want to keep changing my default browser setting.

@mouser - Unless there is enough interest in something like you envision I wouldn't worry about taking people's time & resources coding something new for a single request. I was wondering if LBC was already capable of doing what I wanted and I just hadn't figured it out.
But I did figure out there is another way I can do it without much effort using one of my other favorite programs. XYplorer has a "portable open with" feature I tested with a couple of URLs and it works. I can set up new folders and move my regularly visited bookmarks from LBC to one of these. In XYplorer if I double-click one of the URLs it will open in my default browser. Or right-click on the URL and then select XYplorer's "open with". My two alternate portable browsers plus the default browser are displayed to select from.
Since I have LBC and XYplorer both running all the time, it's just a matter moving this one thing I want to do from one program to the other.

I didn't want to leave the post hanging without what I think will be a solution to my need.


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