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sWeather Not Refreshing



I love the app!  As of right now the last time weather data was pulled was at 8AM.  I checked Yahoo and their weather data is up to date.  I closed the app and relaunched and it is still not updating.  I also changed my location and it is the same situation "Last provider update was at 08:00 AM CDT"

I don't think this is my error as I haven't changed anything.  Is this something on Yahoo's end or is this an issue with the application?

Thank you,

Bring up sWeather and choose Options > Show raw weather data from the menu (or press F7).  In the webpage that comes up, look for the "lastBuildDate" line, e.g.: <lastBuildDate>Mon, 01 Jul 2019 03:49 PM CDT</lastBuildDate>

If it matches the "08:00 AM CDT" that's showing in sWeather, the problem is on Yahoo! Weather side.  If so, this usually works itself out over a matter of hours (sometimes days).

Thank you for the quick reply! 

Here is a screenshot with the current time.  Is this user error on my end?

Does the actual weather data that sWeather displays match with what shows in the raw weather data?

It does.  It is stuck at 8 AM and the information that is in the app matches what is in the raw data

"<yweather:location city="Fond du Lac" country="United States" region=" WI"/>
<yweather:wind chill="72" direction="195" speed="5.59"/>
<yweather:atmosphere humidity="81" pressure="29.03" rising="0" visibility="10.00"/>
<yweather:astronomy sunrise="5:15 am" sunset="8:40 pm"/>"


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