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Recover image links in the blog


Photobucket forces me to upgrade the account to premium for 399 dollars or so. My question is how can I select an alternative images hosting and migrate quickly and easily .

Many images of my post in some of my blogs are not available.

A way to replace the url link in a massive way or any confiable method to do this ? Pls help me on this, thanks

Photobucket announced a change to its Terms of Service on June 26, 2017, requiring a US$399 per year subscription fee for those who want to hotlink images from Photobucket's servers to display on other sites, a service it had previously offered for free. This change resulted in vast numbers of photos online being replaced with a graphic advising users to upgrade their account.

Photobucket has received extensive criticism in response, with many charging the company with "blackmail" or "extortion", and destroying the design of many websites. In March 2018, under the guidance of new CEO Ted Loenard, plans initially ranging from US$1.99 to US$8.99 monthly based on storage size replaced the flat-rate model. Prices later jumped to a range from US$4.48 to US$11.48 monthly for those same usage increments.-Wikipedia
--- End quote ---

meaning, the $399 claim is no longer valid.

Is this also taking out the validity of your post? 


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