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wrong version number?


 :huh: The download link says "ProcessTamer v1.03.03" but the executable's properties say it is File Version and Product Version 1, 0, 0, 1.

hi dv,

thanks for the report.
i'm afraid i am a bit lax in updating the internal version numbers of my programs;
if you right click the icon in the system tray and select "about" you should see it say "1.03.03".

i will try to be better about updating the internal version numbering in the future.

btw i expect to release a new version of process tamer next week, with ability to configure some options via a nice gui, ability to disable balloon tips, and a subtle icon change that will help you identify when a process is being "tamed"

I'm looking forward to the new version, especially your #1 priority of disabling the tooltip balloon.

I run my desktop with the taskbar moved to the left edge.  My taskbar is fairly large, so I've set it to auto-hide.  The balloon causes the taskbar to unhide and block out whatever program I'm running that is maximized (such as Visual Studio or Word).  I suppose some other ideas for the balloon would be:
- display it for only 1 second
- only display it during mouse-over

Nice utility.  Thanks.

well that certainly does sounds annoying.
the option to disable the balloon will be #1 thing added next week.


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