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T-Clock v2.1.0 on Windows pro

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Today I learned a word `redux`. Yes, that is what I installed.

`redux`. Yes, that is what I installed. Topic: T-Clock v2.1.0 on Windows pro
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-uemurm (June 30, 2019, 11:53 PM)
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^ eh... is it? The latest version is 2.4.4 build 492. Please update!

I installed the latest of stable release but you mean BETA release?
Oh, it works! Thanks a lot!!



I am new to this forum,

So Hallo to u all.

but I would like to donate to the maker of T-Clock (called TClock),
originally written by Kazubondoes anyone know how or how that is possible?

and it would be nice to have the CPU and Memory bar back?

Grt Alex


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