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T-Clock v2.1.0 on Windows pro

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I really like T-Clock on my desktop. Having set up Windows pro, version 1803 x64 2019-06C then vcredist_* on my laptop, I ran T-Clock 2.1.0 but nothing happens whether it was run by admin or not. What steps should I take to troubleshoot?

You can try to install in C:\T-Clock, instead of in %Programs%. That's what I've done.

Hi Curt, thank you for your response!

I moved the directory to root then double-clicked `c:\T-Clock\x64\Clock.exe`. Mouse cursor kept on turning when I hover it over task bar for a long time but nothing happens to the clock if I right-click the task tray. Hmm..

I noticed that T-Clock was launched and the process takes up most CPU resource when I check Task Manager, but nothing is different when I right-click the clock.

Of course I should also say that I don't use T-Clock, but T-Clock Redux
Sorry for any confusion.


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