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Is it possible to change the buttons in Motorola G7?

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An option that might be of interest:
the G7 also has one button navigation, not sure how it works, you could let is know if you try it.-tomos (June 27, 2019, 03:33 PM)
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First thing I enabled on my G5+, prefer to have screen real estate than waste it on software buttons, (takes me a few seconds to wonder why it's not working when I grab my sister's G5+ because she doesn't use it ;D).

Paired with Nova Launcher where a single tap opens Search/Frequent/Recent/Newest|Updated apps, turns the fingerprint reader into a much more useful device.

I would think Single Button Navigation is more useful for those that use their device primarily one-handed, (as I do), a useful alternative/partner to the Swipe to Shrink Screen function.

As for swapping the Back and Recent buttons, you'll probably need to use a third party launcher, it's not an option on stock Android - which Motorola uses.


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