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[Solved] Capture moves window to other monitor

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Well, I don't know what changed, but now it's broken again.

I figured it out!

I use a program called PowerPro, and it has on option to "Force all newly created windows onto the screen" - for when dialogue windows appear off the edges.  Well, this was enabled, and everytime SC's crosshairs would appear they would get zapped to the center monitor.  Apparently, Powerpro can't deal with three monitors.

I disabled the option and now it works perfectly again!
Thanks for SC, Mouser.  I'm sorry for the troubles.

That makes complete sense.. see my suggestion above: "I wonder if the problem could be a 3rd party tool that might be moving the capture overlay window -- either DisplayFusion or another similar helper tool that is trying to fix a problem when a window is off screen? "

Thanks for sharing the solution  :up:

Mouser,  I know you said that, and I had tried SC without many other apps running but never suspected Powerpro's setting since I've been running Powerpro longer than SC.  I do remember enabling this setting not that long ago, however.

I never could figure out what it was.  I found it whilst trying to solve my other problem.


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