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Turn off automatic saving of screenshots


Is there any way to stop automatically saving screenshots?  They are taking up space on my computer and I forget they are there.  When I capture a screen, I immediately paste it and forget it.  In the mean time I have been accumulating files I don't want or need.  Can someone help me with this?  Thanks.

How are you pasting it?  I copy to the clipboard from the dialog that comes up, and never save to disk.

This question comes up occasionally.  While you can turn off automatic saving in SC (see the Miscellaneous Tweaks tab), it's not what I recommend, and if you copy stuff to the clipboard SC may insist on saving it first.

However, a better solution is to go to the Saving and Loading tab and tell SC to Auto Move Older screenshots and have it auto file old screenshots into an OLD folder if they are older than 1 day.  Then you can just delete that folder from within SC whenever you feel like it.

Thanks mouser.  I stopped the automatic saving, and so far I have none of the issues you mentioned.  Huge help!


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